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Consolation is a range of wines created by Andy Cook and Philippe Gard in the Roussillon. The range is intended to reflect the best of each vintage, and changes from year to year.
At harvest, we select the best fruit from our own or friends’ vineyards and vinify it apart to reflect the character of the vintage.

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Each cuvée is available only in very limited quantities – maybe only 2 barels – and is genuinely hand-crafted from start to finish.

We practise shoot- and fruit-thinning in the vineyard, manual harvest, hand selection of grapes in the winery, hand-powered vertical pressing, foot-treading and manual pigeage. All this ensures we are in contact with the developing wine as much as possible.

Each year is different, and brings a different set of rules for wine style, vinification and elevage. The wines are for the most part an adventure with a single varietal. This allows us to discover the essence of each variety we grow here, and to search for our interpretation of the purest expression of each cultivar.